On a mission to fight against the threat of microbes and pathogens.

Minus 2.5

Air pollution is omnipresent. So we need a tool that can reach every corner of a city. What can be better than vehicles? Seriously, after decades of polluting now it is automobile's turn to clean up our air. The magnet like property induced by our technology, works best on concentrated sources of pollution. Hence mounting the device on exhaust tailpipe of cars etc. will create the biggest impact.

Airlens Car Air Sanitizer

The air pollution inside your car can be 2-5 times more than that of the outside. To combat this problem our scientists came up with a revolutionary technology called AMT which brings the WHO Air Quality inside your car and protects you from PM2.5, PM10, germs, bacteria, odour and pollen. All this with more ease, efficiency and effectiveness as compared to a conventional air purifier.

Airlens Mask

This mask is built with India made World's 1st Active Molecular Technology by scientists from IIT, AIIMS and Stanford University which makes the quality and efficiency of an expensive mask, comparable to INR 1000-2000 in the market with a sub 400 pricing.